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- I began going to Dr Duffy, about 10 years ago, with a severe back problem! After the recommendation from my mother, NSYNC three other chiropractors to did nothing but put me in more pain. Dr Sean Duffy showed me a way of care that I didn't think was possible from chiropractors. Not only did he get me through three years of pain before my insurance would finally cover the surgery for my back, but he never made me come to unnecessary appointments and or the whole "I need to see it twice a week for the next 45 years" type of attitude. He got me walking the cane that I was currently walking with, and also got me to the point where I can function on a daily basis and never missed a day of work! I recently began seeing Dr Duffy for another injury in my c6/c7 area of my neck. After seeing occupational health and the ER doctors at Appleton Medical Center,  I realize that going down a path of pain pills and muscle relaxers was not going to fix my problem. I told Dr Duffy exactly what I wanted and what I was expecting from the workers compensation was to get back to work as soon as possible, and also to be able to function normally so that I could be an asset to my company! The doctors I saw prior told me 3 to 6 months for a full recovery. After 2 weeks of seeing Dr Duffy I have now been at work for two straight days. I'll be at only half a shift but this was not a reality with the other diagnosis.

Long story short, he is a consummate professional. He will not let you walk out of there without feeling better, and he will not let you come back unless you need the actual care that he provides. Not only is he a wonderful doctor, but he is a wonderful person. He will make you feel comfortable, and he will let you know exactly what your treatment is going to be and why it's going to be that way, which is something that the revolving door doctors office no longer provides. I suggest that if you have any spine or shoulder problems, or need help with any of these type of injuries, you don't need to necessarily waste your time going to your primary care physician, and just getting loaded with medication, because then you'll never know how much better you can feel. After seeing Dr Sean Duffy I know how much better I feel when I walk out the door. The receptionist Robin, and Michelle when I was there, everyone in that office genuinely cares about you about your family, and about your well-being!

I highly recommend that you go on the Better Business Bureau and rate them as 5 stars as I have and continue to pass these messages on to everyone that's been treated by Dr Sean Duffy, he is an exceptional doctor and someone that I would trust my life, my limbs and my spine to! Bottom line the man is what you want the person who was supposed to be caring for you and your well being! - Michael Krause 10 plus years and counting!

- It has been a while since I have seen Dr Duffy.  He is wonderful!  I was always afraid to get adjusted, but not by him.  He is gentle and he CARES about his patients.  Whenever someone tells me they are having problems I tell them to go see Dr Duffy.  My whole family goes to him.  I trust him 100%   its hard to find someone to trust when it comes to your body, but that isn't a problem with Dr Duffy.  He only does what he thinks is needed and you help make your plan of care.  - Kristy 1/2011

- Dr. Duffy took time to listen to me and to tell me exactly what was wrong. He was very gentle and did a great job. He didn't pressure me into a ton of treatments.

- If that's all that's needed, that's all he does; he won't keep scheduling you over and over! Great Doctor! I wish everyone had the same bedside manner as him. And the office staff is top-notch, too! Highest recomendations.

- Wonderful is one way to describe the care. He listens to you and works with you for a solution. I've been here many times and the office staff is great. Always able to get in.

- I've visited a few chiropractic facilities and doctors through my travels and above all Dr. Duffy is one of my favorites. I have always been warmly welcomed by a friendly and smiling face when entering Dr. Duffy's office and tend to keep on going back because of how friendly and family oriented they are. Dr. Duffy's actual hands-on chiropractic care is exceptional. Because of all of the extreme sports I participate in I've had every part of my body worked on. I've never had a complaint with his work and the results. If you live in the Fox Valley and are looking for extremely good quality chiropractic care, I highly recommend Dr. Sean Duffy.

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